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Dry Graphite vs Oil-Based Lubricant - Better for Hinges and Latches on Cars

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Created on: 2018-11-29

Tthe best type of lubricant for hinges and latches on cars

  1. step 1 :Dry Graphite vs. Oil-Based Lubricant
    • Dry graphite turns into a dry powder
    • Oil-based stays moist
    • Outside elements like dirt will not stick to dry graphite like it does to oil-based lubricants

Hi. I'm Mike from 1A Auto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years.

Hi, everyone. Sue here, from 1A Auto. And today I want to talk to you about dry graphite versus an oil-base lubricant for door jambs, latches, and hood cables. So, I like to use the dry-graphite, because once you shake it up, it turns into like a silicone powder. It'll go on wet, but once it's dry, it coats the item and keeps it slippery. But, when it's dry, nothing can attach to it--doesn't stick to it. So, when you use an oil-base on your door jambs or your hood latches, the dirt attracts to it.

Next thing you know, you got to clean it out within six to three months and re-apply. So, this is great, because you really don't have to reapply it for a while. So, on our safety latch on this Subaru, it sticks down. See it? Sticks over. The spring is trying to pull it back and half way it finally takes over. So, I'm going to spray it up with my dry-lithium graphite. Work it back and forth, just same way you would with an oil-base.

So, after a couple of sprays of it, let it sit in. Work it back and forth. It's good to go. I like to spray a little bit on the door chuck, just to coat that plastic. And then I will get the door latch. Once again, most of these latches and stuff are made now with plastic in them. And I'll do that all the way around to all four doors. So, there's tons of brands out there. It pretty much all does the same thing. You're looking for Dry Graphite Film Lube.

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