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Dont Ruin Your Car or Truck With This Fuel Pump Hack

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Dont Ruin Your Car or Truck With This Fuel Pump Hack

Created on: 2020-11-22

Andy shows you what happens when you take a shortcut instead of doing the job the right way!

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Duct tape, seriously? Now the reason why someone would do this is to make it easier to replace a fuel pump. On most vehicles, the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank and to replace it, you need to support the gas tank. Make sure there's not a lot of fuel in it and take these straps down. And there's a bunch of other connections you need to disconnect and lower the tank down. Sometimes if these are really rusty, you can run into some trouble. For the most part, it's a fairly easy job, especially if there's not a lot of fuel in. It can be cumbersome sometimes, but you just gotta be careful. Now there's not normally a door here. Someone cut this and they did this to access the fuel pump or the fuel center. This is what sends the fuel to the front of the vehicle.

Now, if you have a car, a lot of times there's an access panel underneath the back seat, or even in the trunk where you can lift it up. You unscrew a bunch of bolts, take the cover off, and then you can access the fuel pump. But in a truck or an SUV, there's no access panel. Now in the event that you have a pickup truck, sometimes people like to remove the beds to access the pump. So you're gonna take out all of the bed bolts. You need to remember all the ground straps. You're gonna have to disconnect the filler neck and any wiring that goes to the taillights.

Now, once you have that disconnected, you still have the bed on there. You have to find a place to put it. You have to lift it up. That's not an easy feat in itself. You're gonna need a bunch of people to help you pick it up, move it. You wanna make sure no one gets hurt while doing this. And you don't want to damage the bed. Now I know dropping a fuel tank is a lot of work just to replace the fuel pump, but don't ever, ever do this. And cut a hole to access the fuel pump, all right. So the person that did this tried to save some time and they cut all along the sides here. The first dangerous part about doing this is you could have hit one of the fuel lines or even worse hit the tank. And then one caused the fire at the time. Or you're gonna end up with a fuel leak after you've done the job, just to replace the fuel pump. And the fuel tank itself is gonna cost a lot more money than just a fuel pump.

So doing the job itself is the first danger when they were doing this. But the second part, just the duct tape alone, it's not gonna seal it. And then if you have a fuel leak at all in the future, you're gonna have fuel vapors coming into the cab, which it's not gonna be healthy. And it's dangerous. You could end up with a fire in the cab. Now in the event of an accident, you could have fuel spilling into the cab, which isn't gonna be safe. Or if there's a fire outside the cab underneath, this protects you from getting fire inside the cab right away. So you have a little bit of time to get out. That's not gonna happen and you could have the explosion right here. That's not gonna be safe. Also, this duct tape isn't gonna prevent exhaust fumes from coming in there, whether you have an exhaust leak or from other vehicles. Overall, this is not a good hack to save time. You're just compromising your safety and the safety of others. Do it the right way. Take the time to do it.

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