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Car Truck New Ball Joint Wont Fit Check for Knuckle Sleeves

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Created on: 2020-06-25

This video demonstrates a problem that happens on some vehicles when removing a ball joint and control arm.

Hi, I wanna talk to you about control arm and lower ball joints on some models, particularly Fusion, Acura, Hondas, some Lincolns. What happens is you go to replace your lower ball joint which is one-piece control arm, this is the...where you'll receive it with a new nut, and then the plastic shipping that covers just the protector for the boot, that gets discarded, and what happens is when you take the old one out it might look like that. And that is because the spacer here that comes from the factory that is part of the knuckle, it's a little sleeve, gets frozen onto this ball joint from over time being pressed in and then the rust forms around it so when you take it out it's gonna look just like that. Then you get your new ball joint and you're like, "Hey, it's not the same size." You need this part. So the best way to do it is, obviously your old ball joint's no good anyways if you're replacing it, so you can take a chisel and a hammer and hammer it, spray it up, get it all loose, pop it off. Try your best not to damage this, you definitely don't wanna damage any part of this inner sleeve. This would probably be a dealer part and it's gonna come with the knuckle. Some dealers will have it separate for you but it might have to be ordered. Then you're gonna place it right back in the way it was. As you can see this knuckle already has two of 'em in there, and then you'll install your new ball joint, put that spindle right down in there, put the nut on and torque it to specification.

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