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Black Ice Driving Tips Drive Safely in Your Car Truck or SUV

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Created on: 2020-02-06

Black ice is hard to see. You could find yourself sliding unexpectedly. Prepare yourself with these tips on how to safely drive on black ice.

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What's up, Len?

Hey, what's up Andy? What's going on?

Not much. I got some questions we're gonna answer. We're gonna drive around. Talk about some black ice.

You got questions printed and we're just gonna talk?

Yeah, we're just gonna talk.

Well, that sounds pretty interesting.

What do you think, we should show them?

I think that we should show them, yeah, let's definitely show them.

Sue's not gonna let us use this Mercedes.

In the Mercedes?


Come on. All right, well, I got a better idea. Come on.

You got a better idea?


All right, let's go.

Black ice driving tips.

The best thing to do is to be calm and just try to go straight through it. You don't want to turn. You don't want to slam on the brakes. If the steering wheel starts being like, "Oh", you know, "why is my power steering working so well?" It's not the power steering. It's the front wheels.

They're just coming loose?

Yeah. Like, we're hitting the brake and you feel the brake vibrating. Most likely that's the ABS. I mean once you start to slide, you gotta, like, just steer into it. Like if you're sliding to the right, steer towards the right.

Jeff's gonna be like, "my poor car."

No. He drives it like this all the time.

That regular ice you can see, generally.

Yeah, that's true. Black ice they don't know.

I mean, you can see that there's ice all bumpy and, you know, a mess right there. And the reason why it's called black ice is basically just because it's such a thin layer of ice, on top of the surface, that it just kind of shows the color of the surface through it. You gotta slow down.

We hope you had fun watching that video. We had a lot of fun making it.

Yeah, we did. So make sure you like, comment and subscribe.

Make sure you turn on all notifications, and...

Together: ...ring that bell.

Did you give Jeff his keys back?

No. Oops.


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