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ABS Speed Sensor 1ATRS00281 92-96 Toyota Camry

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ABS Speed Sensor 1ATRS00281 92-96 Toyota Camry

Created on: 2021-01-16

ABS wheel speed sensor on 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 Toyota Camry

Tools needed for replacement

  • 1A - No Tools Needed

    No Tools Needed

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Here we have our old ABS sensor that we removed from our vehicle, and our new part from As you can see, these sensors and harnesses are exactly the same. We have the same sensor on the end. This is what it's actually supposed to look like. Ours got frozen in the spindle and broke, on the way out. That's very common with these. We have the same retainers to keep the wire harness where it belongs, the same grommet to insulate it, where it goes to the body, and the same two-pin electrical connector on the end.

What your ABS sensor does, or your wheel speed sensor does, is there's a toothed wheel on the inside of the hub at the back. This sensor picks up the signal generated by that rotating toothed wheel. That pattern changes. As it spins faster and slower, the frequency of the signal changes. This is how it judges whether or not all four wheels are spinning together. If you were to lock up your brakes on a snowy road, or in rain, it will stop that brake from engaging through the ABS pump, and allow the wheel to spin again. Making it so you can control your vehicle and steer while braking. It will pulsate that on and off, so it still slows you down, but doesn't lock up and create a skid.

If your ABS sensor is throwing a code, or your ABS isn't functioning properly, this sensor from 1A Auto is going to go in direct fit, just like your original equipment, and fix you up right.

Tools needed for replacement:

    1A - No Tools Needed

  • No Tools Needed

1992 - 1996  Toyota  Camry
1997 - 2001  Lexus  ES300
1999 - 2003  Toyota  Solara
1997 - 2001  Toyota  Camry
1995 - 2004  Toyota  Avalon
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