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2K Ultra HD Dashcam - Unboxing & Review - Available on

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What's up, guys? I'm Andy from 1A Auto. Here we have this sweet dash cam we're going to be unboxing today from It has GPS that tracks your speed. It films in 2K and it also is wifi enabled. So I'll take a knife and just cut some of the tape on the back side here like that. Get that open. Slide the box up, and here's the actual camera. Pretty sweet. Its nice and small, compact.

It's got nice easy buttons on the back, if you can see. It comes with a charger. Plug this into your vehicle and another cable to plug into your PC. It comes with a manual. So you mount here so we can suction it to your windshield. When you open up this camera, the SD card is already installed. Now we can take this mounts. We're going to secure this to the camera. I'm going to go mount in the car and show you some of the features.

We'll just peel this plastic off here, secure this to a windshield, and push this in. You can lock it like this. That's pretty sweet. All right. We're going to plug this power cable in, this side here. It's an extra long cable, so I'm going to plug this into the auxiliary outlet. Then turn the key on on the car and then the camera is going to come on automatically. It's going to start recording right away. Let's just adjust it. It's recording in 2K. You can see a lot of what's going on down the hall.

You can see a big range. Let's scroll through some of the settings. All right. So now we're not recording. It looks like our date is already set up so we're good to go. All right. I'm going to show you some of the menu options. This actually seems pretty easy to use. Resolution, done there. So we have the, in 2K, it's going to be very clear. You can scroll down. Now if we go to the 1080 in 60FPS, that's going to be good for very slow motion and that will be good for regular motion. Slide down to here. The 720P at 120 FPS, that's going to be good for ultra slow motion.

We can get out of here. Let's see. Let's set it back to 2K. Click okay. We can scroll down here. See what else. Loop recording. You can do three minutes, five minutes, ten minutes. And that's it. So we'll put in five minutes. Exposure. Another cool feature of this dash cam is you can link it to your phone through this app called Road Cover. What we're going to do is, we're going to go into settings on the camera. Go down to wifi. Click okay. Enable on. Put that on and you're going to go on your phone into wifi. It should pop up.

There it is. You match that up. That works. Click that there. Then it tells you the password on the actual camera. Once that's linked, we can go back to the app, and it's linked which is pretty cool. So you can see what the camera sees in real time. You can also click on folders and see the different videos that have already been recorded. These are all the videos that have been recorded. We can see the different files that are in here. We'll click on one that's in the highway or something. Let's see. Let's click on this one and we can watch the clip. We're in three minute increments.

It recorded for three minutes and then stopped. Then on to the next file. We can watch the video. This is pretty cool. It has your speed at the bottom. Let's just see if we can see it. There's the date and the time and the speed. See 77 miles per hour. Going a little over the speed limit, but that's okay. There's a truck right there. So you can see a pretty wide range on the highway and the vehicle. You can see your fenders on the vehicle which is good because if you're going to get in an accident or something, you want to see as much as possible in the front of the vehicle. Get your dash cam at

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Tools needed for replacement:

    1A - No Tools Needed

  • No Tools Needed

CAR and DRIVER: 2K Ultra HD Dash Cam w/Motion Detection, Loop/Time Stamp/Night Vision (8GB Card Inc)

Eye1Pro Dash Camera Car and Driver CDC-632 Car & Driver CDC-632

Part Details

  • Specifications: Audio Recording
  • Specifications: Road Cover MiniOPro App
  • Specifications: G-Sensor Incident Detection
  • Specifications: 130 Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • Specifications: 2K Ultra HD
  • Specifications: 2.4 in. TFT HD Screen
  • Specifications: Integrated Thermal Protection
  • Specifications: Loop Recording
  • Specifications: WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Specifications: G-Sensor Parking Mode
  • Specifications: Motion Detection
  • Specifications: Night Vision
  • Product Line: Eye1Pro
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