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How To Replace an Ignition Lock Cylinder on a 1993-1997 Dodge Intrepid

Video Summary

1A Auto shows you how to repair, fix, change or replace a broken, damaged, worn or faulty ignition lock cylinder. This video is applicable to 1993-1997 Dodge Intrepid models. You will first learn how to remove your existing ignition key lock cylinder, and then install a replacement.

Dodge Intrepid Ignition Lock Cylinder

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Video Transcription

"In this video, we are going to show you how to replace an ignition lock cylinder and key on a 1997 Dodge Intrepid. The only tools you’ll need for this repair are T30 and T15 torque drivers. If you are going to change your ignition cylinder, you will need to keep the new key that comes with the replacement ignition lock cylinder, as well as your old key to work the doors.

Ok, first, take a 10mm wrench and disconnect your battery cable. To remove this first thing, we use a T30 torque bit. Up underneath here, there’s a screw to remove the tilt lever. Up and underneath, there is, I see two T15 screws there, another one there. There’s one way up in that hole there. Way up in that hole there and then way up in that hole there. You’re going to tilt. While we’re going, you can kind of reach in there with your finger and pull and still tilt. Make sure it’s tilted all the way up.

We’ll fast forward as I just remove those six T15 torque screws. You can see the silver ones that are at the bottom are shorter and the others you have to reach up into the holes or the cavities for are longer screws.

On the bottom one you kind of pull down and out. Over the key lock cylinder reach in, lift down and this one comes up and out. Once you have all the trim off, go right underneath the lock cylinder here and there’s a little square button right there. That’s where you put the key in. you want to turn it to the run position. Okay, flip that button. Shoot up with your torque driver and pull it right out; that is how to remove an ignition lock cylinder. This is a new lock cylinder from 1A Auto and we are now going to show you how to install it. I just want to make sure this o-ring kind of slid down. The o-ring belongs right into that groove there. Make sure you have your button down. Close it down. Place our top panel down in first. Put it back up. I’m putting the bottom panel in. We’re going to start the small bottom screws first.

I’m not going to make you watch me put all those screws back in in real time. We’ll fast forward it here. You start the bottom screws. Leave them kind of loose so you can move things around a little bit. Get the top in place. Start those three longer screws. Once you have them started, go back around and tighten them up. You tighten them, and they need to be tightened lightly. You want to make sure you don’t strip any of the plastic or anything like that. Okay, once you’ve done that, put the tilt lever back on and reconnect your battery. Reconnect the battery cable, and you are done. That's all there is to removing and replacing your ignition lock cylinder.

Thanks for watching! Please feel free to call us toll free 888-844-3393 with any questions or to order any of the parts shown in this video, or you can order your 1993-1997 Dodge Intrepid ignition lock cylinder with key online."

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