How To Replace A Mass Air Flow Sensor On A Buick Century | Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) Repair For A Buick Century

How to Replace a Mass Air Flow Sensor on a Buick Century

Video Summary

1A Auto shows you how to repair, fix, change or replace a broken, worn out, or damaged mass air flow (MAF) sensor on a Buick Century. This procedure is the same for many Buick, Chevy, GMC, Oldsmobile and Pontiac vehicles with 3100 3.1L, 3400 3.4L, 3800 3.8L, 4.3L, and 5.7L engines. You'll first learn how to remove your existing mass air flow sensor, and then install a replacement.

Tools Needed:

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver

Repair Steps:

  1. Remove intake hose by loosening two clamps, one at the engine and the other at the air box, using the flat blade screwdriver. Pull hose from the engine and then from the air box.
  2. To remove the mass air flow sensor from the intake hose, first unclip it from the wiring harness. This may require some prying with the screwdriver. Then use the screwdriver to loosen the clamp that holds the hose onto the sensor and remove the maf sensor from the hose. Again this may require some prying with the screwdriver to get the hose off.
  3. Now that we have shown you how to remove the mass air flow meter, we are going to show you how to install a new sensor. First, remove the ring from the old air flow sensor. This ring has a tab that lines up between two grooves on the air box. Push the ring onto the air box making sure to line up the tab inside the grooves. You also want to make sure that the flange on the ring fits over the opening in the air box. The air box opening should slide right into the groove in the flange so that the flange is on the inside and outside of the opening.
  4. Next push the mass air flow sensor into the ring being careful to line up the arrow with the tab and grooves on the ring and air box.
  5. Install the intake hose onto the air flow meter making sure that the arrows line up. Tighten the clamp connecting the sensor to the air box. Then tighten the clamp connecting the hose to the sensor. Plug the wiring harness back into the sensor.
  6. Tighten the last clamp connecting the intake hose to the engine.

That is how to change a mass air flow sensor that needs to be fixed on a Buick Century. Again, the procedure is the same for many Buick, Chevy, GMC, Oldsmobile and Pontiac vehicles with 3100 3.1L, 3400 3.4L, 3800 3.8L, 4.3L, and 5.7L engines. Thanks for watching! Please feel free to call us toll free 888-844-3393 with any questions or to order any of the parts shown in this video, or you can order your 2000 Buick Century with V6 3.1L engine mass air flow sensor online.

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