Trunk & Cargo Parts

  • Nissan Altima Maxima Sentra Cargo Net Clip 4 Piece Set Nissan OEM 84937-ZB100

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    • Quantity: 4 Piece Set
    • Part #: NSIMK00008


  • Nissan Murano Driver or Passenger Side Cargo Net Clip Nissan OEM 84937-CA001

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    • Color: Cafe Latte
    • Part #: NSCFL00012


  • Nissan Murano Cargo Net Clip Pair Nissan OEM 84937-CA001

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    List: $62.95 Save: $13.00
    • Quantity: Pair
    • Color: Cafe Latte
    • Part #: NSIMK00019


  • 2005-15 Nissan Xterra Cargo Security Shade Nissan OEM 999N3-KR000

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    List: $169.95 Save: $55.00
    • Color: Gray
    • Part #: NSCFL00013


  • 2009-16 Nissan 370Z 370Z Collapsible Storage Tote Nissan OEM 999C2-ZV000

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    List: $200.95 Save: $108.13
    • Design: 370Z
    • Color: Black
    • Part #: NSCFL00011


  • 2008-14 Nissan Rogue Cargo Security Shade Nissan OEM H4982-JM52D

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    List: $390.95 Save: $207.09
    • Color: Gray
    • Part #: NSCFL00002


  • 2009-14 Nissan Murano Cargo Security Shade Nissan OEM 84982-1AA4A

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    List: $562.95 Save: $295.30
    • Color: Beige
    • Part #: NSCFL00014


  • Nissan Altima Maxima Sentra Cargo Net Clip Nissan OEM 84937-ZB100

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    List: $22.95 Save: $7.00
    • Part #: NSCFL00007


  • 2015 Nissan Murano Cargo Security Shade Nissan OEM 999N3-C3000

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    List: $456.95 Save: $243.56
    • Color: Black
    • Part #: NSCFL00009


  • Nissan Altima Maxima Cargo Net Clip Nissan OEM 84937-8J000

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    • Part #: NSCFL00008


  • Nissan Altima Maxima Cargo Net Clip Pair Nissan OEM 84937-8J000

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    • Quantity: Pair
    • Part #: NSIMK00009

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  • Nissan Altima Maxima Cargo Net Clip 4 Piece Set Nissan OEM 84937-8J000

    Save 33%
    List: $35.95 Save: $12.00
    • Quantity: 4 Piece Set
    • Part #: NSIMK00010

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Trunk & Cargo Parts

What are the trunk parts and where are they located? 

Your trunk, called the boot in the British Isles, is where you store valuable cargo.  It’s important to keep the things you want inside your trunk in, and the things you want outside your trunk out.  That’s what parts like the trunk latch and lock and the trunk weather stripping are for.  Trunk floor pans give the trunk structural stability, while trunk mats and spare tire covers serve to keep it clean.  If your engine is at the front of the car, your trunk is at the rear, and vice versa. 

How do I know if my ­­­­trunk parts need to be replaced?              

In general, trunk parts will need to be replaced as they get worn out.  Trunk parts can wear out simply due to their frequent use.  Replacing a torn or ragged trunk mat can help protect the trunk floor and improve the appearance of the trunk.  Replacing a spare tire cover also improves the trunk’s look. 

Weatherstripping can also wear out over time.  Like any rubber part, it can become hard and brittle or soft and spongy as it ages.  It might then develop cracks and holes that allow water to leak through.  That’s not good for any cargo that you need to keep dry. 

Trunk latches and locks can break down from repeated use.  This can pose a much bigger problem than the above issues.  You might have a hard time getting the trunk to open or close.  The trunk latch can become loose, allowing the trunk too much movement, or it might get jammed, keeping you from opening the trunk.  A worn out lock cylinder might not turn correctly with your key, or it might come loose and even come part way out stuck onto your key. 

The trunk floor pan can rust from below as it is exposed to moisture and dirt underneath the body of the car.  Torn trunk carpeting and weatherstrip leaks can also expose the trunk panel to moisture from above and worsen rust problems.  A rusty trunk floor pan compromises the structural integrity of the trunk. 

Can I replace the trunk parts myself?  

The difficulty of replacing your trunk parts varies from one part to another.  Replacing a spare tire cover or trunk mat is usually a simple matter of pulling out the old one and putting in the new one.  Since our trunk mats are specifically fitted for your vehicle, no cutting will be required. 

Replacing trunk weatherstripping is like replacing any other sort of weatherstripping.  The process is straightforward but can be time consuming.  Loosen the adhesive with a heat gun or a household hair dryer, pull off the weatherstrip, thoroughly clean the mounting area, apply adhesive, and put on the new weatherstrip. 

Replacing a trunk lock cylinder is very similar to replacing a door lock cylinder.  Remove the clip that holds it in and push it out from the inside of the trunk.  Then you can push in the new one and apply the clip.  The new lock cylinder will require a different key than your doors, but keys will come with the cylinder. 

Replacing the trunk latch is pretty similar to replacing a hood latch.  You’ll have to pull back the trunk liner and remove the bolts that hold the trunk latch in place.  Then disconnect the trunk latch from the latch cable and pull it out.  You can reverse these steps to install the new one.  If your trunk latch is jammed, the hardest part might be getting the trunk open in the first place.  If you have folding rear seats, you can crawl into the trunk, and manually release the latch from the inside with needle nose pliers.  A flashlight will definitely be helpful in this procedure. 

If you need a new trunk floor pan, it will have to be welded into place.  If you are an experienced welder, feel free to tackle this project on your own.  Otherwise, it’s best left to the professionals.  

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