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How To Replace Window Regulator 97-02 Ford Expedition

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  1. step : Remove the Door Panel (1:02)
    • Follow the Door Panel Removal video from 1A Auto for this vehicle.
  2. step : Removing the Window Regulator (1:02)
    • Follow the Window Regulator Removal video from 1A Auto for this vehicle.
  3. step : Replacing the Window Regulator (1:03)
    • Feed the window regulator into the door.
    • Make sure the door handle and lock rods are out of the way.
    • Replace the rivets with bolts to secure the regulator.
    • Turn the key on and lower the regulator.
    • Replace the other nuts and bolts.
    • Turn the key on and raise the regulator up.
    • Lower the window into place.
    • Replace the 11mm nuts.
    • Test the window.
  4. step : Replacing the Door Panel (8:05)
    • Follow the Door Panel Removal video from 1A Auto for this Vehicle.

Brought to you by Your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet.

Hi I am Mike Green. I am one of the owners of 1A Auto. I want to help you save time and money repairing or maintaining your vehicle. I am going to use my 20 plus years experience restoring and repairing cars and trucks like this, to show you the correct way to install parts from The right parts installed correctly; that's going to save you time and money. Thank you and enjoy the video.

This is kind of part two of the installation of the regulator using bolts on the 1997 Expedition, same as any 97-02 Expedition and 97-03 F150. Tools are pretty much the same as what you used to get it out. Obviously you don't need the drill anymore. You'll need whatever wrench and socket for the bolts you might use to secure the regulator.

The regulators we sell at 1A Auto are exactly the same as the original. Obviously these were riveted in to begin with. You can see why actually here's one of the mounting holes. You can see this bracket or this gear is going to go right over it. It's a clearance issue. When you remount it you want to put the bolt in from this side. Here and when you can get to it which you'll have to probably run the regulator all the way down here. What I'm going to do is I'm going to feed my regulator in and here are my six mounting spots. I'm going to lift it up, I'm going to put a bolt through this middle one, and then through the door here and put a lock nut on it. That's holding everything in place.

As you are bolting in this just make sure you bring your door handle rod up above it. Then feed it in place and put on the bolts. Now what I am going to do is get my regulator in position here. These ones here I don't have to worry too much about clearance. I'll put a bolt in there and nut on the backside. This one here again I don't have to worry about clearance so I'll put a bolt through and a nut on the backside. These two up here I don't have to worry so much about clearance but they are a little difficult to get to. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take, got my nut in behind and my wrench and I'm going to feed it through. I can now see it right in that hole. I can put my bolt into it.

Now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to kind of snug all these ones up that I have in, since they are pretty easy to get to. Like I said, I'm not going to tighten them; I'm just going to snug them up. Now really if you were to stop here and just tighten these four up everything would work just fine. You might get a little rattling out of here, but I am going to put in the last two bolts. Now I've adjust my switch back up and I have my window motor back in. Just going to turn the key on and run the window down. Key off. Now with it all the way down I can reach right in here and put that bolt through, put a nut on this side. Now I'll put that on and tighten it up.

Now I just have my last one. I took my nut, I put a little bit of an adhesive on it. I'm going to put it in my wrench like that. Let it dry for a second. I'm going to reach in behind here carefully underneath. There's my nut. The other thing you could do is you could probably try and glue the nut on to the window regulator before you even put it in. doesn't always work though. It usually falls off. Now we can tighten all of this up. I'm going to turn the key on, run the regulator up so the holes for the window are right there and then bring the window down.

Now I've brought my window down, I've got my studs in, and I'm putting back on my 11mm nuts and tighten them up. Take the tape off my window. Now you can see right here we had six rivets. You've got two bolts going in that way and the middle two bolts are coming out this way for clearance purposes and these two bolts in here with nuts on the back of all of them. Now we'll do a test. Just kind of hold that out of the way a little bit. Looks pretty good. In the interest of time we're just going to speed through putting the door panel back on. You can probably pick up enough to get it back on. Obviously if you took it off, you're just putting it on the opposite way of how you took it off. We do hope this helps you out.

We hope this helps you out. Brought to you by Your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet. Please feel free to call us toll free 888-844-3393. We're the company that is here for you on the internet and in person.

Tools needed for replacement:

    General Tools

  • Center Punch
  • Hammer

  • Screwdrivers & Related

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Flat Blade Screwdriver

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 11mm Socket

1997 - 2002  Ford  Expedition
2002 - 2002  Lincoln  Blackwood
2001 - 2001  Ford  F150 Truck
1998 - 2002  Lincoln  Navigator

1997-02 Expedition Navigator Pwr Wdw Reg w/Motor LF

Ford Lincoln Front Driver Side Power Window Regulator TRQ

This part replaces:

  • Hollander 125-01906L
  • Dorman 741-872
  • TYC 660244
  • OE # XL1Z7823395AA
  • OE # XL1Z7823209AA
  • OE # F75Z7823395AA
  • TRQ WRA51688

Part Details

  • Operation: Power
  • Regulator Option: with Motor
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