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How to Replace Outer Tie Rod 95-08 Nissan Maxima

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  1. step : Removing the Wheel (0:55)
    • Loosen the lug nuts with the vehicle on the ground
    • Raise the vehicle with a floor jack
    • Secure the vehicle on jack stands
    • Remove the lug nuts
    • Pull off the wheel
  2. step : Removing the Outer Tie Rod (1:15)
    • Measure the distance from the end of the boot to the center of the top of the tie rod
    • Note that measurement
    • Apply penetrating oil to the tie rod lock nut
    • Hold the inner tie rod with a 13mm wrench
    • Loosen the locking nut with an adjustable wrench
    • Turn the wheel by hand or with the steering wheel for better access to the tie rod
    • Remove the cotter pin with needle nose pliers
    • If you cannot remove the cotter pin, sheer it off by removing the 19mm bolt
    • Remove the 19mm bolt
    • Loosen the tie rod from the spindle by striking the spindle with a hammer
    • Pull the outer tie rod out of the handle
    • Hold the inner tie rod with a 13mm wrench
    • Twist off the outer tie rod by hand
  3. step : Installing the New Outer Tie Rod (3:52)
    • Apply anti-seize grease to the inner tie rod
    • Hold the inner tie rod with a 13mm wrench
    • Twist the outer tie rod on by hand
    • Measure the distance from the end of the boot to the center of the top of the tie rod
    • This should equal the measurement recorded in Step 2
    • Push the outer tie rod into the spindle
    • Start the tie rod nut by hand
    • Tighten the nut to 55 foot-pounds of torque
    • Line the tie rod hole up with one of the slots in the nut
    • Insert the cotter pin and bend it to lock it
    • Hold the inner tie rod with a 13mm wrench
    • Tighten the locking nut with an adjustable wrench
  4. step : Reattaching the Wheel (6:35)
    • Slide the wheel into place
    • Start the lug nuts by hand
    • Tighten the lug nuts preliminarily
    • Lower the vehicle to the ground
    • Tighten the lug nuts to 100 foot-pounds in a crossing or star pattern

Brought to you by, your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet.

Hi, I'm Don from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of Thanks.

In this video, we're going to show you how to replace the right hand outer tie rod on this 2003 Nissan Maxima. Obviously the left hand is the same procedure. This is the same for any 2000-2003 Maxima as well as the Infiniti I30.You'll need a new tie rod from, jack and jack stands, 15-21 mm sockets. You'll need a ratchet and probably a breaker bar or a pipe for some extra leverage, pliers, a large hammer, penetrating oil, as well as you will, or we recommend, you get an alignment after you replace a steering component like this.

Let's start off by removing the wheel. You're going to want a 21 mm socket and ratchet or breaker bar or your tire iron and you'll probably want to start with the wheel on the ground, loosen the lug nuts, then raise and secure the vehicle with jack stands, and then remove the wheel and the tire.

At this point we're going to measure the distance between the end of the boot and the center of the top of the tie rod. It's roughly 11 and 3/4 inches. Yours might be different. It's always a good idea to use some penetrating oil on the lock nut. Spray that down and let it soak in. With our adjustable wrench, size up the nut holding on to the end of the tie rod, with a 13 mm open ended wrench holding the inner tie rod and free it up. Move the steering wheel to the right to gain better access. We're going to remove the securing cotter pin through the outer tie rod. We're just going to speed it up here as Don tries to get that cotter pin out. We couldn't get the cotter pin fully out, so we're going to use our 19 mm, 1/2 inch wrench and then try and sheer it. In this case we're going to use a little extra leverage with the bar on the end of our wrench. I'll speed it up here as we work that bolt the rest of the way off. Quick summary: we tried to get the cotter pin out. It just wouldn't come out. It was basically frozen in there so what we did is took the pliers and broke the ends off as much as we could and then just got the socket on there and sheered the cotter pin right off by moving the bolt.

To help release the outer tie rod from the spindle we use a hammer and hit against the spindle until it frees up. Now it's free. Pull the inner tie rod with your 14mm wrench and twist off the outer tie rod. OK, speed up and Don did misspeak a little bit there: he is using a 13 mm wrench to hold that tie rod.

We got the old outer tie rod and the new one and you can see that dimensionally they're very close, so when they go back in the alignment should be relatively close to what it was before we removed it. It's always a good idea to put a little anti-seize on the end of your inner tie rod so that if you ever have to replace it again, it'll come off just as easily as this did. Holding the inner tie rod, twist the new tie rod on. Check our length from the end of the boot to the center of the tie rod and it is 11 and 3/4 inches just like it was when we took it out. Place the other tie rod back into the spindle. It can be a little stiff. Now we'll secure the nut and set our torque wrench to 55 foot pounds and we're going to torque the nut. Now what you do is make sure that the hole in the outer tie rod matches the slot or one of the slots on the nut and if it doesn't, giving it a little bit more torque is acceptable to the point where the cotter pin slides through the outer tie rod. Bend the ends that come through back along the side of the nut. With the 13 mm wrench hold your inner tie rod and lock down on the nut. Fast forward here as we take that lug nut back off, put the wheel and tire on, and just put the lugs on by hand first and then preliminarily tighten them. Set your torque wrench to 100 foot pounds and tighten the lug nuts. Use a star pattern. Kind of draw a star pattern as you tighten them and then just recheck them.

We hope this helps you out. Brought to you by, your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Please feel free to call us toll-free, 888-844-3393. We're the company that's here for you on the Internet and in person.

Tools needed for replacement:

    General Tools

  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Large Hammer

  • Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

  • Anti-Seize Grease
  • Rust Penetrant

  • Pliers, Cutters & misc Wrenches

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Lug Wrench
  • Needle nose pliers

  • Ratchets & Related

  • 1/2 Inch Breaker Bar
  • A Piece of Pipe (for leverage)
  • Ratchet
  • Torque Wrench

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 15mm Socket
  • 19mm Socket
  • 21mm Socket

  • Wrenches - Metric

  • 13mm Wrench

2004 - 2008  Nissan  Maxima
2003 - 2006  Nissan  Altima
2002 - 2004  Infiniti  I35
2000 - 2001  Infiniti  I30
2000 - 2002  Nissan  Maxima
2002 - 2006  Nissan  Altima
1995 - 1998  Nissan  Maxima
1996 - 1999  Infiniti  I30
1999 - 1999  Nissan  Maxima
2000 - 2001  Nissan  Maxima
2000 - 2003  Nissan  Maxima
2007 - 2012  Nissan  Altima
2010 - 2012  Nissan  Altima
2007 - 2009  Nissan  Altima
2009 - 2014  Nissan  Maxima
2013 - 2013  Nissan  Altima
2006 - 2006  Nissan  350Z
2007 - 2009  Nissan  350Z
2005 - 2007  Infiniti  G35
2005 - 2005  Nissan  350Z
2006 - 2009  Nissan  350Z
2003 - 2003  Infiniti  G35
2003 - 2004  Nissan  350Z
2004 - 2004  Infiniti  G35
2003 - 2007  Infiniti  G35
2003 - 2009  Nissan  350Z
2005 - 2006  Infiniti  G35
2004 - 2007  Infiniti  G35
2007 - 2007  Infiniti  G35
1995 - 1998  Nissan  240SX
1996 - 2001  Infiniti  I30
1995 - 2008  Nissan  Maxima
2006 - 2010  Infiniti  M35
2002 - 2006  Infiniti  Q45
2006 - 2010  Infiniti  M45
2002 - 2003  Nissan  Altima
2005 - 2007  Nissan  Murano
2003 - 2003  Nissan  Altima
2004 - 2006  Nissan  Altima
1995 - 1999  Nissan  Maxima
2003 - 2008  Nissan  Maxima
2004 - 2006  Infiniti  G35
2003 - 2006  Infiniti  G35
2011 - 2012  Nissan  Murano

09-14 Nissan Maxima; 11-12 Murano; 07-12 Altima Steering & Suspension kit (6pcs)

Nissan Altima Maxima Murano Steering & Suspension Kit 6 Piece Set TRQ PSA63402

This part replaces:

  • Moog ES800357
  • Moog ES800358
  • Moog K750094
  • Moog K750095
  • Moog K750255
  • Moog K750256
  • Beck Arnley 101-5833
  • Beck Arnley 101-5834
  • Beck Arnley 101-6720
  • Beck Arnley 101-6721
  • Beck Arnley 101-7047
  • Beck Arnley 101-7048
  • OE # D8640JA00A
  • OE # 54618-JA000
  • OE # 562611AD0A
  • OE # 56261JA005
  • OE # 54668-JA000
  • OE # 54668-1AA0A
  • OE # 562611AD0B
  • OE # 56261JA000
  • OE # 54618-1AA0A
  • OE # D8520JA00A
  • Mevotech MS30897
  • Mevotech MS30898

Part Details

  • Kit Includes: (2) Front Sway Bar Links
  • Kit Includes: (2) Rear Sway Bar Links
  • Kit Includes: (2) Front Outer Tie Rods
  • Quantity: 6 Piece Set
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