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How to Replace Cat-Back 2001-05 Honda Civic

Created on: 2016-05-13

This video shows you how to replace a bolt on cat-back exhaust on your 01-05 Honda Civic.

  1. step 1 :Removing the Muffler
    • Spray rust penetrant on the bolt connecting the muffler to the mid-pipe
    • Remove the bolts that secure the muffler to the mid-pipe with a 13mm socket and wrench
    • Remove the muffler from the hangers
  2. step 2 :Removing the Cat Back
    • Spray rust penetrant on the three bolt flange
    • Remove the 13mm bolt from the flange
    • Remove the exhaust pipe from the flange
    • Remove the exhaust hangers from the rear of the mid-pipe
  3. step 3 :Installing the Cat Back
    • Clean the gasket surface with a wire brush
    • Insert the bolts and gasket into place
    • Install the rear of the mid-pipe into the hanger
    • Line up the front flange with new hardware
    • Install a washer, lock washer, and nut on each of the new bolts
    • Tighten the 13mm bolts with a socket and ratchet
  4. step 4 :Installing the Muffler
    • Insert the gasket to the mid-pipe
    • Insert the muffler into place and on its hangers
    • Insert the springs on the muffler bolts if you have them
    • Replace the 13mm bolts

Tools needed

  • 12mm Socket

    13mm Socket

    Socket Extensions

    Rust Penetrant

    Jack Stands


    Wire Brush

    Floor Jack

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Hi, I'm Mike from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of 1AAuto.com. Thanks.

In this video, we're going to show you exhaust replacement from the Cadillac converter back or a lot of times called cat-back. This is a 2003 Civic 2-door. This process is the same for both 2 and 4-door from 2001-2005. You'll need a new exhaust system from 1AAuto.com, 12 and 13 millimeter sockets with ratchet extension, 12-13 millimeter inch wire brush, penetrating oil, jack and jack stands.

Spray some penetrating oil onto the bolts that secure the muffler to the mid-pipe. Using a 13 millimeter socket and ratchet, wrench, secure the bolts that secure the muffler to the mid-pipe. Many times these bolts will break, but that's okay. Remove the muffler from the rubber hangers. Doesn't matter which side you pull off, whatever's easiest for you.

Pull your muffler out of the car. After removing your muffler, move to the three bolt flange at the front of the mid-pipe. Then get some penetrating oil on there. Use a steel brush to try to scrape some of the scaling off and, hopefully, get a better grip on what's left of the hardware. These bolts were originally 13s, but after we got all the rust-scaling off, hammering on a 12 millimeter fits better.

You may have to support the bolt on the other side to keep it from turning with a 12 millimeter wrench. Remove the exhaust pipe from the flange and let it hang. Remove the exhaust hangers form the rear of the mid-pipe.

Here, we have our old part from the vehicle and our new part from 1AAuto.com. As you can see, we have the exact same size pipe, the same mounting flanges at the front and the rear, all the bends are identical. We have the same rear flanges and hangers.

Our resonator is actually a little bit bigger, but it's going to go right in the same as your original part; direct fit and fix you up right.

Prepare the gasket surface with a wire brush to remove any rust and corrosion from the mating area. We're just going to start the bolts. We'll hang our exhaust gasket off our started bolts.

Reinstall the rear of the mid-pipe into the rubber hanger. Penetrating oil can aid assembly as well. We'll line up our front flange with our new hardware. Install a washer, lock washer, and nut under each of our new bolts. Our factory hardware was a 12 millimeter. Our new stuff is a 13.

We'll install our gasket. If you're using your old mid-pipe, you'll want to clean it with a wire brush or sandpaper. Send your new muffler up over the control arm and back on to the hangers. Our new part already comes with nuts welded on to the mid-pipe. We'll install our new hardware. Tighten it down with a 13 millimeter ratchet.

Some kits from 1A Auto come with the springs. You put the springs on the bolts, then install the bolts. Bring it down tight until the mufflers nice and firm against the gasket. Now we'll fire up and make sure that our exhaust doesn't make any kind of noise or rattle, and that our gaskets are properly sealed.

Thanks for tuning in. We hope this video helped you out. Next time you need parts for your car, please visit 1AAuto.com. Also check out our other helpful how-to and diagnosis videos.

2001 - 2005  Honda  Civic
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