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How to Replace Air Filter 08-14 Cadillac CTS

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How to Replace Air Filter 08-14 Cadillac CTS

Created on: 2021-01-16

How to repair, install, fix, change or replace a dirty, dusty or clogged air filter on 08 Cadillac CTS

  1. step 1 :Removing the Engine Air Filter
    • Lift off the side cover
    • Disconnect the electrical connector from the air intake tube
    • Loosen the hose clamp with an 8mm socket
    • Remove the three T25 Torx screws from the air filter housing cover
    • Lift the air filter housing cover
    • Remove the engine air filter
  2. step 2 :Installing the Engine Air Filter
    • Insert the engine air filter into place
    • Close the air filter housing cover
    • Tighten the three T25 Torx screws to the cover
    • Connect the air intake tube and tighten the hose clamp with an 8mm socket
    • Press the cover on

Tools needed for replacement

  • Ratchets & Related

    Socket Extensions


  • Sockets - Metric

    8mm Socket

  • Star Drivers & Sockets

    T25 Socket

Installation Video
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Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. We’ve been selling auto parts for over 30 years!

In this video, we'll be removing and installing a new air filter in a 208 Cadillac CTS4. If you need parts for your vehicle, click the link in the description and head over to

All right, we're going to take the air filter out. First, we're going to pull this cover off. I'm going to grab under here and here, and pull up. Pull this out of your way. There's a connector right here. On the backside there's a clip. You’re going to push down on the clip. That will release it right here. Sometimes there's a retainer, a gray retainer that holds the clip. You got to just pull that off. Pull that back a little bit, and then you're able to push it down.

Right here, we're going to take this worm clamp. Just loosen it up. We're going to loosen it up with an eight millimeter socket, extension and a ratchet. There's a torx screw down here in this hole. It’s hard to see. There's one right here, and there's one right here. We're not going to pull the screws out completely, we're just going to back them up to a point, because they'll stay in the upper cover box. All right, so we're going to pull the screws out, not completely, just to a point where they're almost out, because then they'll stay in the cover while we're pulling it up. Just like that.

And this is where it goes into the lower box, with these three tabs. And then you hinge it up and pull our air filter out. As you can see, we must have had a rodent in here. This is evidence of a mouse or a chipmunk. This filter is very dirty. It needs to be replaced. As you can see, in the air box, the lower portion, it's very dirty, so what we're going to do is we're going to vacuum all this out because you don't want your brand new air filter to suck all this junk into it and clog it up.

All right, we're just going to use our wet/dry vac to vacuum this out. We wanted to look down the hole, here, to see if there was any debris, so we took a borescope and we're going to send it down the hole. We can actually watch on the screen and see that there is no debris in there. It looks nice and clean all the way down to where the air enters the vehicle. And there's no mice or chipmunks.

Now, install a nice, clean air filter. Line it up, then we'll take our upper air box. You're going to want to line these three tabs up. Slide it in there. Put our snorkel hose back on. Connect our mass airflow sensor connector. We'll take our T-25 and tighten down these torx screws with a ratchet. And the last one is right here. There it is. Then we'll take our eight millimeter socket and tighten down the snorkel. You could also do this with a straight blade screwdriver.

We're going to reinstall this cover. You have these two that are going to line up with these two tabs over here, and then there's some slots back here. You're going to want it to go underneath this rubber weather stripping, and push it down.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

Tools needed for replacement:

    Ratchets & Related

  • Socket Extensions
  • Ratchet

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 8mm Socket

  • Star Drivers & Sockets

  • T25 Socket

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