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How to Install Seat Covers 09-14 Ford F150

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How to Install Seat Covers 09-14 Ford F150

Created on: 2021-01-16

Check out this video to learn how to put a set of seat covers on in your 09-14 Ford F150. Its a great way to protect your seats or cover up dirty ones!

  1. step 1 :Installing the Front Seat Covers
    • Slide the top of the seat cover over the seat back, allowing the head rest to come through the hole
    • Pull the seat back cover down
    • Insert the seat cover anchors int the gap between the seat back and seat bottom
    • Stretch the seat bottom cover over the seat bottom
    • Tuck the edges in, or connect the under seat straps, if possible
    • Slide the head rest cover on over the head rest
    • Repeat for the other front seat
  2. step 2 :Installing the Rear Seat Cover
    • Stretch the bottom seat cover over the seat
    • Pass the rear under seat straps through the gap between the seat back and seat bottom
    • Connect the rear under seat straps to the front under seat straps with the included hooks
    • Raise the seat bottom as necessary
    • You can undo the seat cover zipper to raise the split seat
    • Stretch the seat back cover across the seat back, underneath the middle seat belt
    • Push the seat back latch lever to release and fold forward the seat backs
    • Pass the lower seat cover straps between the seat back and seat bottom
    • Connect the lower seat cover straps to the upper seat cover straps with the included hooks
    • Slide the three head rest covers over the rear headrests

Tools needed for replacement

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Installation Video
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Hey, friends, it's Lynn here at 1A Auto. Today, I'm going to be working on a 2011 Ford F150 EcoBoost. I'm going to be putting on some seat covers. Want to keep things clean, right? If you need these or any other parts, you can always check us out

Okay, friends. Here we go. We've got our cover, seat cover. We've got our hole where at the top, this is going to slide over the headrest. We've even got a little head rest cover. Sweet. I like that. All right, I'm going to set this aside. One thing that I'm going to note while we have it off, is that it has this right here. This little piece right here is to be shoved in between the top cushion and the bottom cushion and that's just going to help prevent it from sliding off every time you get in and out of your vehicle. If you wanted to, once you purchased this, you can go ahead and remove this. That's completely up to you. I mean, it might make a little bit of noise underneath there every time you sit down. It's going to be your car. You do you, booboo.

Here we go. I'm just going to take it, open this up like this, get my hand so I can get to there. Just like putting on a shirt in the morning. We'll get all this nice and straightened out in a minute. I'm going to continue pulling it down further, down into the lowest point possible. I've got my little thing. Yeah. I'm just going to push it right inside this slot right here. Okay. Get it in as far as I can. The more the merrier. You don't want to popping it out on you. The whole purpose of it is to be an anchor for this, so every time you get in and out, it's not going to slide off, right? Just do the best you can.

It's got this right here. If you wanted to, you could try to wrap this around under the seat. It's velcroed. For this particular application, I'm going to go with not so much. Okay? I'm just going to take it and try to stretch it. It feels pretty good. Bring it over here right along the side. Tuck it in just like my bed sheets. Maybe I'll try to even get it right under here. It looks pretty great. So, you just tuck it in, make it look all nice and pretty, and do it around on this side too. You can come up, make it look nice and pretty this way. I mean if you wanted to, you could try to get that strap under and through here. I mean ,that's really up to you if you wanted to do that. That's your prerogative, okay? Your truck.

Got out little head cushion here. This is pretty great. On the inside it's got an insulated side and a non-insulated side. I'm going to put the insulated side facing me and then the non insulated side around the backside. Okay? Just in case you got a sweaty head at summertime, you're wearing hair gel. I don't know. Just try to get it over and just keep working it. There we go. My gloves keeps slipping here. Could probably do it without gloves. My hands aren't dirty. Turn it so it looks nice and pretty. Let's push in this button, push that down. Then you can straighten it out. You can work real hard at making it look perfect. Then of course, once you sit in it and move a little bit, it's going to slide, but this is basically how it's going to go. Just tuck it in, go all the way around, tuck it in under there, and you should be good to go.

Now we're in the back. We've got our cover. We're just going to lay it out. We'll give ourselves a little idea of what we're going to do here. There should be some holes for some headrests and hopefully some holes for some seatbelt buckles. We'll go from there. I haven't opened it up yet, so here we go. Just open it right up. What are we looking at here? Nice. Fancy. This thing's got everything. We've got our bottom right here. Okay. It's got all these zippered areas. These are great. So in case you wanted to, you know, I don't know, flip up this seat right here, flip up this seat right here, you can do whatever you need to do, right? We've got our seatbelt holes, right, so we can get to our little latches and everything, make sure everybody's nice and safe inside the vehicle, so that's always great.

Now we can move along. We've got our seat cover here. These are our seatbelt holes, so we'll turn it. It's pretty much just going to go on just like this, so we'll see what we got for securing points. We've got these little hoops somewhere around here, and a little bag of doodads. The way we're going to do these, you can either go through and then loop it or they even have a little slit and you can go even easier just like that. Okay? Let's see what we're dealing with here. I've got one there, I'll grab it. Maybe I'll just try to line up all these things. I'll just get them all on here. Once I have them all on, we'll go ahead and start slipping them under the seat.

Like always, you start with one side and you work your way over, right? I took my little strap that was on the backside. I just reached my arm down, grabbed it, pulled it through, connected it to this one. Okay? You want to come over. I want to make sure that my seatbelt hole lines up and it does, so that's wonderful. It's always helpful, right? I've got another one. Let me see if I can slip it down and through just like I did the other one. Just like that. Grab it, connect it, just like that. Okay? Now, I'm going to do the same thing over here. I'm going to find my little latch. I'm going to get it ready to go up and down. This one's going to be a little bit harder because when I lift up on this one, it's going to want to lift up on that, right? So what if we just do this? This will give us a little bit more slack so we can do our work.

I got my little piece on, our doodad, our thingamajiggy, or whatever you want to call it, whatever quirky name you could think of. Oops. Apparently I wanted to take it with me. That's cool. You don't have to have one of these on each string because this can just reach over, in case you end up losing one and you're all worried about it. I don't have two to meet up, Glen. It's okay. I'll show you. Get this one like this, and grab it, pull it down and around. Okay. Then I'm just going to connect it into this one without a hook. It still connects in. Connect that one in underneath there, give it a little tug, everything nice and situated. You can tuck it in nice and pretty. It's your truck. Bring this back up. That looks pretty great.

Now, we've got our cover for the back. It's basically just going to go across. We're going to need to put it under here though, right? We'll just get that under there. We don't want to go ahead and forget about it somehow. Obviously, we need that seatbelt. We've got all these little straps just like we had on the bottom. I'm just going take these, we're going to put them through the jagged part of the hook just like that. It's just going to be an anchor. Now you're going to feel behind the seat, see if you can feel any place to anchor it onto.

What we're going to have to do is we're going to have to fold down these back seats. That can be a little bit of a chore and there is things that you can do to make it so it's a little easier to do, but for the purpose of this video, I'm just going to show you how this works particularly, and then I'll go over and I'll do it on the other side real quick. Once we get it down, we'll start mounting in the the rest of this cover, okay? We're going to go with the assumption that this is in the locked position. Okay?

If the seat was up right now and it'd be locked, this would be closed and it would be holding on around the rod that's right here, okay? That would be locked. So what you need to do is you need to bring your hand down along the back of the seat. There's a little tab right here, very teeny, and you just pull up on it, it unlocks it, and then you can pull your seat down, okay? Like I said, we've got it in the locked position. Right now it's holding onto this, it's not letting go. I'm just going to reach down behind the seat, grab this with my thumb and pull up on it. Okay? It's fairly simple when you're looking at it like this, it's easy peasy. When it's behind there and you can't see it, not so much, but basically just feel around, feel for this little tab, and pull up on it. Okay? I'll go over the other side. Give it a try real quick.

First you're going to go underneath the bottom. You're going to release the bottom. That pulls the top away a little bit. It gives you some room to reach your hand back here. I'm going to find where the latch is at. It's not very far down, it's just the little tab that I showed you before. Once you get it down, you'll really start to see what it looks like. You're just going to unlock this again and it comes down. Here's where I had my hand. Right there. I just pulled up on this little tab and that was it. Now that's laying down and I'll get out of the way here and we'll start running our seat.

We'll just run our cover. We've got the belt going around the outside of it so we can still use that. Very important. Seat belts are key. Safety first. I'm just going to get it up along here. See if I can find any of the little straps that should be under here. Here's one. I'm just going to put it under the seat. We'll just get these together real quick, just like this. It just holds. We'll make it all nice and pretty before we latch it in, okay? But as for now, let's just go down the line, find our next little strap.

We're just going to do this down the line and like I said, don't worry if it doesn't look pretty at first, we'll make it all look pretty by the time we're done. Now it's time to put on the head rest covers. Okay. We've got three of them. Inside the rears, just like the fronts. They've got a padded side and a non-padded side. We'll put the padded side towards our head. Nice and easy. Just slip it over. That looks pretty great. We'll go ahead and do the same to the other two. It'd be good to get the dog up in here. He'll be happy. Off we go.

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Tools needed for replacement:

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Dickies: ARLINGTON Front Buckets, Rear Bench BLACK Premium TRUCK Seat & Headrest Cover (3 PIECE Set)

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Part Details:

  • Front seat covers have built in provisions for armrests
  • (1) Rear bench seat cover with removable head rests
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