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How to Assemble Audi Mirror

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  1. step : Assembling the Mirror (0:30)
    • Install the light to the tabs on the back of the mirror cover
    • Tighten the two Phillips screws to the light
    • Install the light to the side of the mirror cover
    • Connect the wiring harnesses to the lights
    • Bring the wires through and place the mirror cover over the assembly
    • Line up the assembly with the slots on the mirror cover and connect them
    • Connect the mirror cover to the base
    • Remove the dimming function connector if that function is not equipped on the vehicle
    • Tighten the two Phillips screws to the assembly
    • Connect the two wires to the mirror glass
    • Connect the tabs on the mirror glass with the slots on the assembly
    • Gently press the mirror glass into place

Here we have an Audi mirror from The reason why it comes disassembled like this is so that you can paint this to match your car. Don't get overwhelmed by this. This process really isn't that difficult. It looks a little bit crazy, but let's get into it. You want to take this, have this painted by a professional paint shop or paint it yourself.

We'll take this first and there's a light right here. We're going to install this light into the cover just like that. There's a little area right here you want to line up. Just slowly slip it in. Might take a little bit of effort. Slide that in there. Then on the backside, there's these two holes, you want to line those up with those little tabs. Just like that, so that's lined up there, and those are lined up there. It comes with these screws. Take two of these screws and a Phillips screwdriver, get that one started and we'll get this one started. We're just going to snug these up. You don't want to tighten it too much. It is plastic. There we go. The first step is done.

Then we're going to take this part right here, this is going to slide into this area. Fish the wire through there and then line it up just like this, and it goes in at an angle, so get that lined up, press that in just like that.

With this light attached to that and this light in there, we're going to plug this one right here, just like that, and then we'll use this plug, the one with the blue and yellow wires, it's going to plug in over here. Just like that. Now we can slide this in position. We're going to take the other wires and slip them through here. Slip these through here. Then this little nub you're going to have to watch out for, just kind of work this cover over that. Try not to pinch the wires. Keep those out of the way. Then there's two tabs right here, there's a tab there and a tab there, those have to line up in those slots. With all that lined up, we can just press it together. Lock it in place. It's all lined up correctly.

This piece, this goes to a dimming function, which this mirror does not have, so I'm just going to disconnect this connector right here. We can just slide this underneath here. If your vehicle has the dimming function, you can plug that in. Before we put the mirror glass on, we have these two screws. One's going to go right here, and I'll start the other one as well. This one's going to go right here. Then we'll just snug that up, not too tight. You are screwing into plastic. That's just going to keep the cover attached to the case. Then these wires are just going to go over here, wrap around that.

We'll take the mirror, these wires are going to plug into the mirror right here. Just like that. Slide that back over there. Then these tabs right here, one here, one here, they're going to slide into that area right there and right there. Get those lined up. With those lined up, we can just gently in the middle of the glass, just press it in and lock it in place. Then the mirror is completely assembled. It's ready to go on the vehicle.

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Tools needed for replacement:

    Screwdrivers & Related

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

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