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Dont Get Overcharged For These Quick Fixes 2007 - Present Toyota Tundra Truck

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Created on: 2021-07-10

Len points out some easy repairs and fixes that you can easily do yourself, instead of paying someone else to!

Hey friends, it's Len here from A1 Auto. Today in the studio, I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra. I wanted to go over some of the quick, easy things that you can fix in the driveway by yourself. Let's get into it.

Let's start with lamp assemblies. You've got your headlamp assemblies right here and of course, some fog lamps down in the bumper. To remove these you've got a couple bolts up along here, you've got a couple little clips right there, you can pop those off of there, you're gonna be able to access the lower mounting points. Aside from that you have a little bit of wiring on the backside there, but it's really not that hard to get off of there. Once you get it all separated, you can go ahead and take out the assembly and then replace it with a brand new one.

For the fog lamp down there, you just want to get right underneath there, you're gonna find some mounting hardware and of course, some wiring, once again, just go ahead and remove that, easy peasy, and then replace it with a brand new one. Either way, if you're replacing one headlamp assembly or even a fog lamp assembly, you're gonna wanna replace them as a pair.

Let's get to the rear of the truck and talk about those tail lamps. Now for the tail lamps on this, these are gonna be very simple, you wanna have the tailgate down, you're gonna have two access bolts right here, go ahead and remove the pair of those and you can pop this straight out and away from the truck. Behind it, of course, there's gonna be some wiring once again, just go ahead and disconnect that, check your bulbs, replace the assembly and then of course reinstall it.

We might as well talk about plate lights since we're talking about lamp assemblies. Come right down here, we have our plate light assembly right here. If the lamp assembly is broken or cracked in any way, you'd replace it by removing this bolt right here, and then you can pop this right out. Of course, replace the bulb and everything else along the way. If of course just the bulb is out for some reason, just get right underneath the bumper right there, you can twist that counterclockwise, replace the bulb, it's a 194.

So now let's pop under the hood and we're gonna talk about the battery on this. Every battery has to have a hold down and that's gonna be very important to make sure that the battery doesn't jump around if you hit any bumps. So go ahead and disconnect the hold down and then you're gonna come over here and you're gonna disconnect the negative and then the positive leads. After you get those off of there, go ahead and grab the battery out of here, slide to the side, and then pop in your brand new one. And when you do that, make sure that you connect your negative battery terminal last.

Now if you find that you're having any type of electrical issue inside of your truck like as if something doesn't wanna work, your power windows, your horn or anything of the like, the first thing that you're gonna wanna do is get right under the hood and you're gonna come to your fuse box, there's a little tab, you can slide that out of the way. And then you can use a power probe or a multimeter and you can check all of your fuses.

Now if when you're working under the hood, you notice that your hood keeps wanting to fall down on you, typically it's gonna be because of these right here. These are called hood struts and there's a pair of them, you have one on the driver's side and one on the passenger side. To remove these, you just go ahead and pull out this clip right here, you can pop this right off, you do the same up on the top right there. Once you have it out, just compare it to the brand new one, slap it in there and do the same to the other side. While we're over here, let's talk about the air filter.

The air filter housing itself has several clips going around it and these just kind of hold it together. This is gonna help keep the dirt and all the debris out of the air filter housing. Pop those, lift this up and then we can check that air filter. If your air filter looks like this one, you need to make sure that you throw it in the trash and get yourself a brand new one. And of course, you wanna make sure that all your hose clamps are tight.

If you're having an issue with your horn, you already checked the fuses, the next thing that you're gonna wanna do is come right out here. This is where your horns are gonna be mounted, right across the front here. There's one mounting bolt and of course a little bit of wiring that leads to each. And lastly, if you find that you have a check engine light, you pull the code and you have an EVAP problem, you're gonna wanna come right back here to the fuel cap. That's the first thing that you always check. Go ahead and lift this right up and off of here and inspect the gasket on it. You wanna make sure that it's not dry-rotted and cracked in any way and it's definitely not dry and stiff. You want this to make a good seal. If it doesn't, you're gonna have an EVAP problem and more than likely a check engine light. When you put this back on, go ahead and twist it, and you wanna listen for a click. If it doesn't click, you know that it's damaged.

Okay friends, so that's pretty much what I've got for you for quick, easy fixes that you can do on your Toyota Tundra all on your own. I hope you liked the video, I hope you learned a little something. If you did, feel free to smash on that like button for me. It would mean the world. While you're at it, go ahead and subscribe, ring the bell, that way there, you can be kept up with all of our latest content. Thanks.

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