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Newsletter 2013-04-15

Fanfare for the Common Hub

Hub & Bearings

Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man (which you may know as the Chicago Blackhawks intro music) was debuted right around this time in 1943. At the time, Copland said “I am all for honoring the common man at income tax time.” I know you didn’t come here for a music history class, but bear with me here. We’re all for honoring the common man too, and in addition, we’d like to honor the common wheel hub.

Sure, mirrors are flashy and headlights take the limelight, but when the rubber hits the road, the wheel hub is never far away – literally. The wheel hub is like your man on the ground. He’s the guy holding it all together. So if your bearings can’t bear any more, whether it’s from age, dirt, rust or anything else, then maybe it’s time to put hubs at the center of your mind, and remember just how much revolves around them (like your wheels for starters).

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Whoa, That’s Some Heavy Stuff, Dude

I think I’m seeing stuff, man. It looks like all kinds of new auto parts. There’s heavy duty truck parts everywhere, man. The whole scene is crawling with Freightliner, Mack, Peterbilt, Kenworth and International parts. Listen, can you just do me a solid and see if you see them too? There’s :

  • Hood Latches and Springs
  • Fuel Sending Units
  • Fog Lights
  • Headlights
  • Speed Sensors
  • Window Regulators
As Well as less heavy parts for normal cars & trucks like:
  • Dozens of Ignition Coils
  • Prius Signal Lights
  • Mazda Fog Lights
  • Steering Parts for Many Models
  • Soooo much more - Browse Below To See!!

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We Were Selling Auto Parts in The 1990's!!

(It's a good thing our install videos are Y2K compliant! Check them out!)

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Auto Parts 101 - We Wrote All About 'Em!

Remember that commercial where that one guy goes "Hey man, is that Freedom Rock?" and the other guy was like "YEA MANNNN", and then the first guy was all like "WELL TURN IT UP MANNNN!". Well, that was an awesome commercial. Amazingly it has nothing to do with Sealed Beam, Composite, HID, Projector, and Quad headlights. Shameful right? But guess what!? It's your lucky day my friends, because we wrote all about them right here. And these articles will give you the joy that you haven't felt since watching that terrific commercial from 1987. Go ahead, read one.

Side View Mirrors
Oh-Look! Mirrors!
I Can See The Light!
Ignition Coils
This Will Shock You!
What Is This Thing?
Timing Belts and Chains
Who Likes Gears?
Wheel Bearings & Hubs
Bearings Aren't Scary
Window Regulators
Regulators! Mount Up.
Tail Lights
BRAKE! (Lights)
Exhaust Manifolds
Exhausted Yet?
Shocks vs Struts
Shocking Strut Info!
Stay Dry My Friend
Parking vs Corner Lights

We Have Other Parts Too! Here Are Our Favorites!

Wheel Hubs
Wheel Hubs
Window Regulators
Window Regulators
Shocks & Struts
Shocks & Struts
Control Arms
Control Arms
Tail Lights
Tail Lights
Gas Tanks
Gas Tanks
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