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Newsletter 2013-04-08

You Can’t Look Your Best Without Mirrors


When you looked in the mirror this morning, you thought to yourself, “Hey, I look pretty good today, just like every day.” Your car never gets to see itself in the mirror, but it still knows it’s looking spiffy if it’s got the right mirror on it. There are just so many options: folding, heated, with puddle lamps, with funhouse glass (objects in mirror are taller and thinner than they appear). When you think about it, mirrors are just how cars accessorize. That’s my theory anyway. That’s why I wrote this saucy article “what your man’s mirrors say about him.” Since Cosmo rejected it, I guess I’ll just have to show it to you guys.

Manual Mirrors: He likes things straightforward. He’s not looking for a lot of frills. He likes to work with his hands.

Heated Mirrors: He’s got a warm personality. Expect things to really heat up around winter time.

One Hundred Eighty Degree Swing: Don’t be afraid of mirrors that swing both ways (forward and back, that is). These types can be very adventurous. They’ll go where others may not.

With Puddle Lamp: He’s the courteous type. He likes to look out for others. He also likes to keep a clean house.

With Turn Signal: He’s very communicative, but tends to repeat himself over and over and over and over. Expect things to be off and on.

With all the options: He wants the best and won’t settle for any less. He may be a bit on the picky side.

There you are. Whichever mirrors fit your personality (or car), we’re sure to have them.

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More New Parts Than You Could Shake a Tie Rod At

Not that you should try. Those things are pretty heavy. That would be pretty hard on the wrists. On the other hand, it might make a pretty good forearm work out. While I’m working on the marketing plan for my new fitness craze why don’t you check out these new parts:

  • All kinds of Ball Joints, Bushings, Sway Bar Links, and yes - Tie Rod ends
  • Three Kinds of Toyota Tacoma Mirrors
  • Mitsubishi and Nissan Wheel Hubs
  • Audi and VW Alternators
  • Timing Belts
  • Mazda Headlights and Fog Lights
  • Soooo much more - Browse Below To See!!

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Auto Parts 101 - We Wrote All About 'Em!

In the interest of sharing automotive knowledge and making the world a better place, we are converting brain activity into human words, and then posting it all onto the internet. Yes. The internet. I dare you to share any of these with a friend on Facebook. No! DOUBLE DARE. OMG.

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Who Likes Gears?
Wheel Bearings & Hubs
Bearings Aren't Scary
Window Regulators
Regulators! Mount Up.
Tail Lights
BRAKE! (Lights)
Exhaust Manifolds
Exhausted Yet?
Shocks vs Struts
Shocking Strut Info!
Stay Dry My Friend
Parking vs Corner Lights
Side View Mirrors
Oh-Look! Mirrors!
I Can See The Light!
Ignition Coils
This Will Shock You!

We Have Other Parts Too! Here Are Our Favorites!

Wheel Hubs
Wheel Hubs
Window Regulators
Window Regulators
Shocks & Struts
Shocks & Struts
Control Arms
Control Arms
Tail Lights
Tail Lights
Gas Tanks
Gas Tanks
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