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Newsletter 2012-08-06

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The 1A Auto Video Contest ends on August 15th, and we have over 30 videos entered so far! BUT WAIT We need more!! The next 65 people that enter their video into the contest (following the rules of course) will get a FREE t-shirt, FREE magnetic bolt tray, and FREE tire repair kit! One of the participants of this contest will receive $1000! Three of them will receive $100 gift cards! Create Your Video and Enter The Contest Tonight!!

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1A Auto Newsletter: The 8/06/2012 Edition.

Guess who enjoys the company of automobiles and added TWO HUNDRED new auto parts last week? Give up? It's Us!.

Here is the list:

  • A/C Condensor Fans for Toyotas
  • A wide variety of Jaaaaguar parts!
  • Ford & Dodge Brake Master Cylinders
  • Door Handles for nearly everything on wheels
  • Honda Harmonic Balancers
  • Engine mounts for your car (most likely)
  • Volkswagen PCV Housings
  • So. Many. Mirrors. You would be shocked.
  • Enough Ball Joints to fill an olympic size swimming pool
  • Complete GM Truck control arms - Rejoice!
  • Soooo many more. Choose your vehicle to see!

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Nearly 25 million views - and we did it without the help of any cats!

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Sure, You Have Windows, But Do They Work?

Shop for Window Regulators

The window regulator is basically the boss of your door glass. It allows the window to slide down smoothly and then heaves it back into place when we ask it to. Without one, we would all be trapped inside our cars at drive-thru windows hysterically crying because there is not enough room to swing the door open to grab the morning mocha latte. How embarrassing. Okay, maybe that is a bit over dramatic, but needless to say, window regulators are nice to have. If yours ever lets you down, call us up at 888-844-3393, and we will make sure that we send you the replacement part fast! Nobody should be deprived of their morning mocha latte.

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