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Home > Ford > F150 Truck > Fuel Pump > 1997-2003 Ford F150 Truck Electric Fuel Pump for V8 4.6L

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1997 - 2003 Ford F150 Truck Electric Fuel Pump for V8 4.6L


In Stock (Ships same day for orders placed by 3 PM ET)

List Price:$155.55
Our Price: $40.45
 (You Save $115.10)

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Part Number: 1AFPU00243

Welcome Message from 1A Auto

This brand new electric fuel pump is just what you need to get your vehicle in good working order again!

This electric fuel pump features the following specifications:

  • Mounts in fuel tank
    • Installs into the factory hanger assembly
  • Replaces dealer part numbers:3111126000, 0K01 B1335 0, 0K01 B1335 0A, 0K01B13350, 0K01B13350A, 1704 0S3MA 00, 1704 25M80 0, 1704 27B02 5, 17040S3MA00, 170425M800, 170427B025, 1F21 13350 , 1F21 13350 A, 1F2113350, 1F2113350A, 1F22 13350 , 1F22 13350 A, 1F2213350, 1F2213350A, 1W1Z 9H307 BC, 1W1Z 9H307 BD, 1W1Z 9H307 BG, 1W1Z9H307BC, 1W1Z9H307BD, 1W1Z9H307BG, 2C2Z 9H307 AA, 2C2Z 9H307 AB, 2C2Z 9H307 CA, 2C2Z 9H307 CB, 2C2Z9H307AA, 2C2Z9H307AB, 2C2Z9H307CA, 2C2Z9H307CB, 3C2Z 9H307 AA, 3C2Z 9H307 AB, 3C2Z 9H307 BA, 3C2Z 9H307 BC, 3C2Z 9H307 BD, 3C2Z 9H307 CA, 3C2Z 9H307 CB, 3C2Z 9H307 DA, 3C2Z 9H307 DB, 3C2Z9H307AA, 3C2Z9H307AB, 3C2Z9H307BA, 3C2Z9H307BC, 3C2Z9H307BD, 3C2Z9H307CA, 3C2Z9H307CB, 3C2Z9H307DA, 3C2Z9H307DB, C2N3866, F23Z 9H307 A, F23Z9H307A, F2AZ 9A407 A, F2AZ9A407A, F2VY 9A407 A, F2VY 9A407 AA, F2VY9A407A, F2VY9A407AA, F32Z 9A407 A, F32Z 9H307 CC, F32Z9A407A, F32Z9H307CC, F42Z 9350 A, F42Z9350A, F43Z 9A407 A, F43Z 9A407 AA, F43Z9A407A, F43Z9A407AA, F4DZ 9H307 A, F4DZ 9H307 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  • Direct replacement
  • Built to strict quality control standards
  • One year manufacturers warranty

This electric fuel pump is a great replacement and has good cost savings over a dealer unit.

1 Year Warranty

This item is backed by a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty. In the event this item should fail during intended use, we will exchange the part free of charge (excludes shipping charges) for the original purchaser. Please keep your invoice for proof of this warranty.

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